Radio 4

Marathon Man / Brothers
Adapted from the novels by William Goldman, producer Kirsty Williams, cast includes Tom Burke, Jack Lowden, Iain McDiarmid.

The Two Georges
Afternoon play, producer Sasha Yevtushenko, cast includes Kyle Soller, Edward Hogg

Making The Best Of It
Half hour comedy, producer Jonquil Panting, Daisy Haggard, Tiffany Stevenson, Matt Green

A Farewell To Arms
Adapted serial from the book by Ernest Hemingway, producer Jessica Dromgoole, cast includes Morven Christie, Patrick Kennedy.

The Continuity Man
Afternoon play, BBC Radio 4, producer Kirsty Williams/Lu Kemp, cast includes Nitin Ganatra.

Afternoon play, BBC Radio, producer Kirsty Williams, cast includes Meg Fraser, Nick Underwood.

Love My Rifle More Thank You
Adapted serial from book by Kayla Williams, producer Jessica Dromgoole, cast includes Gaby Satinelli.

My Difficult Second Album
Afternoon play, producer Lu Kemp, cast includes Olivia Colman, Adrian Bower.